Sheepshop is a simulation game for iOS and Android devices. 

My role was being a QA Tester. I identified bugs and understood how to resolve them by working closely with the developers. I produced test plans which covered areas such as UI and economics. I also recommended areas of improvement from a Design perspective to ensure replayability. 

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Unicornicopia is a simulation, adventure game aimed for a younger audience for the Nintendo Switch.

My role was helping with the Narrative Design. I came up with the locations of where the Unicorn will go and how the story should be wrote. I felt that since it was aimed at a younger audience that we should aim to have a story line full of riddles, rhythms and adjectives to keep the player invested in the game.

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Superhot VR is a first-person shooter game for multiple platforms. 

I had the opportunity to do some play-testing for the Superhot VR Demo that was at the Oculus Connect 5 (OC5) event. During my play-testing, I communicated any issues/bugs and areas for improvements.

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Winning Game Jam 2019 - Newcastle College

 This is our winning project of a 2D "Beat Em Up" featuring procedural generated levels, score systems, HUD, mini map, in-built timer, AI, power-ups, collectables, level transitions, animated sprites, physics, particle effects, cutscenes and menu & options systems.

I was the Producer/Lead Developer of the team. We worked on Unreal Engine 4.

We also had to take out a few things due to copyright reasons, so we replaced those assets with placeholders. 

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