Unreal Engine 4 - The Land of the Gone

The Land of the Gone is one of my projects that I have made in Unreal Engine 4. 


Follow the adventures of a young girl who is destined to become the Warrior. You will explore this world seeing the temples, ruins and surrounding area that engulfs this world. A trusty companion will guide you along your journey to solve puzzles, find secrets and reach the ruins to find out who you truly are. 

Unreal Engine 4 - The Land of the Gone - Special Ability

I wanted the player to have a unique mechanic in the game that could be used throughout the game. The player can only pick up certain items to create bridges / escape areas with. 

Unreal Engine 4 - The Land of the Gone - Puzzle #1

I implemented a mini puzzle that the player has to unlock the door by walking over all of the pads.

Unreal Engine 4 - The Land of the Gone - Puzzle #2

This puzzle requires the player to push the correct block onto the illuminated platform. As this is a prototype, I decided to keep the relevant cube as green as an indicator as for which one should be put onto the platform. 

For improvements, I would take the colours off so it would give the player more of a challenge.

Unreal Engine 4 - The Land of the Gone - Puzzle #3

I am massively inspired by the Legend of Zelda series so since I am a huge fan, I decided to create a game that I would personally play. 

This is the final puzzle so I wanted it to feature the mechanics the player has spent time using during the demo. 

Please see my other videos on my YouTube page!

Unity - Lift VR

In Unity, I made a VR horror game. I was mainly inspired by my partner who works for a lift company so I hear a lot of stories surrounding lifts, so naturally I thought let's make a game about lifts! 

In this game, you have to find a key but while you do, there are jump scares, flashing lights, collectables, AI, particle systems and obstacles that get in your way. 

For future developments, I would like to add more levels and have the lift take you to those destinations.

Unity - Lift VR - lights & Shape Theory

In this project, I really wanted to focus more on lights and shape theory as that was something I didn't get a chance doing on my Unreal project. 

I used the door ways as an example of showing danger (or that something isn't quite right) and a more rounded door way (to show more safety). In later developments, I had a jump scare out of the first doorway, this again was to give the impression that there was something not quite right about that part of the level.

Group Project - Ue4 Mobile Game - Off the Record

Lucy - Project Lead & Designer

Callum - 3D Modeller & 2D Artist

Michael - Programmer

Owen - Music & Sound Effects

As a Project Lead, I organised and kept on top of the project through using Agile Games Development - I used a Gannt Chart, sprint meetings, GitHub for source control, test plans, Discord and Messenger. 

As the Designer, I came up with the idea about "Off the Record" as I love music and vinyls! Dust is a nightmare on vinyls as it can distort and affect the sound of the music. 

Design idea - Off the Record is a 3D endless runner made in Unreal Engine 4. It features Dust Boy who is on an adventure around the Jukebox when he suddenly falls onto the record player where the record needle begins to chase Dust Boy off the record. He must try to run from the needle without it catching him while also avoiding obstacles that may be in his path to try and slow him down.

Group Project - UE4 Mobile Game - Off the Record

In this video, it shows the increasing score, procedural level generation, collectables, power-ups, AI, textures, particle systems and music. Due to time constraints, we missed adding a few extra features such as, when the player slows down, it slows the music and if the AI damages the player it will distort the music. 

Modelling, Project Management & Programming

3D Environment Modelling


 In my second semester, I created a 3D environment which was heavily inspired by St Mary's Lighthouse in Whitley Bay, Newcastle and the Victorian Era. I wrote a Games Design document which included my idea of the environment, reference imagery, UV and texture maps. I built my environment within 3DS Max using box and polygonal modelling. For texturing, I used Substance Painter and my Wacom graphics tablet. 

Please see below for rendered pictures and reference imagery!

Agile Games Development


 My roles and responsibilities in my Agile project were being the Lead Programmer, Scrum Master and Product Owner.  I worked with another programmer and equally split the role of building the game. As the Scrum Master and Product Owner, I ensured the team was performing to their potential through holding sprint meetings each week. This removed any impediments that may have stopped team members from progressing. I also kept on top of our product backlog and Gannt chart.  

Games Programming


Over the course of my first year, I have had to make three working games for different modules. I used Microsoft Visual Studio, MonoGame and C# to implement my games.

The game featured a score-board, power-ups, working enemies, collision detection, a way to kill the enemies, a single and co-op mode.

 It was heavily influenced by Space Invaders and their core mechanics. I felt it was a great, yet simplistic game to use reverse engineering and understand how the game works. ​